Lula will meet with Lira to discuss MPs before trip to China

Lula will meet with Lira to discuss MPs before trip to China

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will meet with the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Artur Lira (PP-AL), to discuss the processing of Provisional Measures in the National Congress. The meeting will take place before Lula’s trip to China, according to the chief minister of the Social Communication Secretariat (Secom) of the Presidency of the Republic, Paulo Pimenta.Lula will meet with Lira to discuss MPs before trip to China

“Since president Lula is going to travel, he will be accompanied by the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, it is important that the president [Lula] talk to President Artur Lira before the trip. They are already arranging this conversation, so that the president can talk, follow the unfolding of this discussion with the two presidents of the Houses. We are interested in having the greatest balance between the Houses so that matters can be dealt with quickly,” said Pimenta, after meeting with Lula at the Alvorada Palace. The minister did not say when the meeting would take place.

For more than 50 days, presidents Arthur Lira and Rodrigo Pacheco have been arm wrestling on the rite of Provisional Measures. This Thursday (23), the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), decided that the analysis of provisional measures sent by the Lula government will again follow the rite provided for in the Federal Constitution, that is, they will pass through the joint committees.

Since 2020, to streamline the work of parliamentarians due to the covid-19 pandemic, the analysis of MPs in joint committees has been withdrawn. Thus, provisional measures began to be analyzed directly in plenary – first in the Chamber, for 90 days, and then in the Senate, for 30 days –, with amendments allowed. The measure was justified, at the time, as extremely exceptional due to emergency health measures. With the decision of the President of the Senate, the joint committees must immediately have members appointed by the leaders of each House. In each MP analysis, the presidency and the rapporteurship of the collegiate bodies alternates between deputies and senators.

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Minister Paulo Pimenta said that President Lula is recovering well from mild pneumonia. He will spend Saturday (25) at rest, with prescribed treatment, but he already has the doctor’s clearance to fly on Sunday (26) to China, Brazil’s largest trading partner.

Boarding was scheduled for this Saturday, but it was postponed to Sunday after diagnosis. Yesterday evening (23), Lula underwent tests at the Hospital Sírio Libanês, in Brasília, after returning from trips he made to Paraíba, Pernambuco and Rio de Janeiro.

“The president is feeling good, he is very motivated. As he is going to travel to China next Sunday, he made a point of scheduling a meeting with some ministers in order to be able to plan for next week, “said Pimenta.

According to the minister, the schedule of appointments in China has not changed.

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