Lucia Topolansky suffered a fractured hip injury

Lucia Topolansky, suffered a “domestic accident” indicated in a statement the Popular Participation Movement (MPP), through its Executive Committee.

From the movement it is indicated that on Saturday night “our partner” suffered a “domestic accident. As a result of her trauma, she broke her wrist ». Also as a result of the blow, a “crack was caused in her hip, starting recovery treatment at the health center where she is hospitalized.”

first retired Jose Mujica who was president of Uruguay between 2010-2015, due to the pandemic. Later in March 2021, Topolansky left his seat in the Senate. The former vice president of Uruguay to her seat in the Senate after 22 uninterrupted years in Parliament.

He did so by means of a letter addressed to the current Vice President Beatriz Argimón, at the beginning of the ordinary period of sessions. Topolansky entered the Chamber of Deputies in 2000 and the Senate of the Republic in 2005, with the first Broad Front government.

Topolansky for two

On two occasions, due to the absences of Mujica and the vice president at the time, Danilo Astori, he temporarily held the Presidency of the Republic. Also due to these circumstances, she was configured as the first woman in the position in the history of Uruguay.

In September 2017, she was appointed by Parliament to occupy the Vice Presidency of the Republic, after the resignation of Raúl Sendic, due to the Ancap case. She also completed the term of government until March 2020, in the second term of President Tabaré Vázquez.

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