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Tradition and nostalgia in the celebration of 50 years of Serenata Guayanesa

Guianese Serenade
Photo Ramses Romero (@rrbfotos)

A commemorative video with the members of Guianese Serenade remembering its 50 years of experience, the show begins The flea and the louse want to get married. The Ríos Reyna room of the Teresa Carreño Theater (TTC) remains in the shadows while Iván Pérez Rossi (baritone and cuatrista), César Pérez Rossi (baritone and percussionist), Mauricio Castro Rodríguez (countertenor and percussionist), Miguel Ángel Bosch (doctor and singer) and Sabin Aranaga (baritone and second four) count on the screen some of the milestones of the group that for decades has been part of the DNA of Venezuelans. So many years of songs and albums that are part of the popular songbook of several generations,

The video concludes, the blue lights come on and the birthday party in honor of Serenata Guayanesa It begins with “The Toad”. The public applauds and, with the first verses, those present are already singing the well-known theme of this quartet that in 1971, in the state of Bolívar, began to write its legacy, at that time with Hernán Gamboa (tenor and cuatrista) as a member. Next, the group begins to sing the verses of «Bolivar City”, a song inspired by the place where they grew up and where they had their first performance at a meeting in the house of the then state governor, Manuel Guarrido.

At the end of the song, César Pérez Rossi takes the floor and welcomes the audience. With affection and some jokes about his age, he reminds them that the meeting is to commemorate what Serenata Guayanesa has achieved in five decades of music, verses, self-love and hard work. After interpreting the song “A la una”, “La fiesta” begins and the children of Vasallos de Venezuela join the stage with colored flags while they dance. Everyone is gathered in a family celebration, where closeness and memories are the protagonists of the first of two performances that will end this Sunday August 17 at 11:00 a.m.

Guyanese Serenade
Iotos Ramses Romero (@rrbfotos)
Guyanese Serenade
Vassals of Venezuela

Serenade’s Journey

The birthday party is joined by Annaé Torrealba who, as entertainer, introduces the journey that the public will take with the help of Serenata Guayanesa. The quintet continues to perform some hits. Among them “tell me little moon”, «Ancient love recipe» and, one of its most emblematic themes, “The Parrot”.

Guyanese Serenade
Annaé Torrealba at the anniversary gala | Photo Ramses Romero (@rrbfotos)

While the group interprets the well-known verses «I want to make a multicolored flying parrot, to climb the clouds and get to where God is», the children of my toy is song They go up on stage. Together, with their arms painted tricolor, they dance to the rhythm of the unforgettable song released in 1995. The song concludes and it is Miguel Ángel Bosch’s turn to take the microphone.

“Thanks for So much love towards Serenata Guayanesa. We haven’t seen them in a long time, in particular, I haven’t sang in a long time. Now I’m doing a therapy to be able to do it again, we’ll see if it works. There is a person I want to introduce is a friend and one of the best musicians. He is also the one who has produced this show, with you Mr. Cheo Hurtado ». After the presentation, the musician, composer and renowned cuatrista enters the stage dressed in a white plains suit and his characteristic hat. He bows slightly to the audience and sits down. There, he performs a solo that for more than 3 minutes stole the applause and ovation of the public at the TTC.

Guyanese Serenade
The children accompanying the song “El papagayo” | Photo Ramses Romero (@rrbfotos)

Upon Hurtado’s arrival, one of the star guests, he is joined by flutist Luis Julio Toro from Gurrufio Ensemble. «We sing well, but we are heard badly. One day, we wanted to compose a piece with the greatest difficulties. We chose pure tongue twisters and made a song that we called ‘El trabadedos’, enjoy it”, says Toro.

The song ends with Hurtado joking with the audience and trying to teach Serenata Guayanesa the tongue twister which gave birth to the song. Thus, amid laughter and friendly comments between Ensamble Gurrufío and the honorees, the black velvet curtain of the Ríos Reyna Hall closes to start the intermission.

Tradition and nostalgia in the celebration of 50 years of Serenata Guayanesa
The Gurrufio Ensemble | Photo Ramses Romero (@rrbfotos)
Tradition and nostalgia in the celebration of 50 years of Serenata Guayanesa
Cheo Hurtado, producer of the show | Photo Ramses Romero (@rrbfotos)

The flea and the louse finally got married

The audience returns to their seats as the curtain rises to present two small children from Vasallos de Venezuela dressed as the most famous couple thanks to Serenata Guayanesa: The flea and the louse. The verses of the theme, which has been taught in schools for generations, and not only in the country, begin with the boys interpreting each of the animals mentioned in the lyrics.

Tradition and nostalgia in the celebration of 50 years of Serenata Guayanesa
The flea and the louse | Photo Ramses Romero (@rrbfotos)

Closing the song with the tragic death of the best man at the wedding in the jaws of the godmother, the lights come on. From the center of the aisle, the great singer Francis Pacheco sings a cappella some verses in honor of his friends. “Serenata Guayanesa is the song of life and the sun of Ciudad Bolívar,” she intones in his characteristic voice.

Tradition and nostalgia in the celebration of 50 years of Serenata Guayanesa
Francisco Pacheco interpreting “Viajera del rio” | Photo Ramses Romero (@rrbfotos)

«25 years ago my friends from Serenata Guayanesa asked me to sing on their anniversary. But they wouldn’t let me sing my drum, they asked me to sing the composer’s theme Manuel Yanez. Now, after another 25 years, here I am again to do it”, says Pacheco.

The audience emotionally sings the verses of “River Voyager” Pacheco remains on stage to interpret one of the songs that, according to César Pérez Rossi, is one of the most important in the last 20 years: «Who has seen black like me».

Between drums and dances, the party continues with the love story between the flea and the louse. Guayanesa Serenade thus begins «The heir”, a song in which the children participate.

And he fulfilled them happily

The anniversary gala continues as a tour of the wide repertoire of Serenata Guayanesa. The group also left their signature and their legacy on the Christmas parties. Mauricio Castro Rodríguez takes a minute to explain that, for decades, the group has been present at Christmas for Venezuelans with various bonuses that have marked the lives of many.

“Mauricio began to compose inspired by beautiful things,” adds César Pérez Rossi. Next, he begins to play the verses of the bonus “I came looking for you.” At the end, Mauricio Castro takes the floor again: «Thank you for sharing so many years of songs with us. Now, we will interpret the bonus that all Venezuelan families sing. And so he introduces “run little horse”, that the entire Ríos Reyna room sings.

Tradition and nostalgia in the celebration of 50 years of Serenata Guayanesa
The Ríos Reyna room of the Teresa Carreño Theater | Photo Ramses Romero (@rrbfotos)

The show is nearing its end and, for the first time in the concert, Iván Pérez Rossi takes the floor: «I can’t even talk about the group I have. I have some classmates who sing for me when I’m not singing. I have a cold that doesn’t allow me to sing, but after so much effort we couldn’t cancel, that’s why we’re here. We are doing the concert with all our effort and discomfort. I offer you my apologies for this voice disaster, but it doesn’t matter I jump in and mess around. The cachicameo is when you do second voice, that we can do that for that we have 50 years of experience. I’m going to cachicame the song ‘The hit and chorus’.

After the final chords, Torrealba returns to the stage to explain that like every birthday, it wouldn’t be a party without a cake. Two protocol people enter the stage with a large birthday cake with the figures of the flea and the louse on top. the hearing begins to sing birthday All the gala guests join the scene.

“Since this is Serenata Guayanesa’s birthday, this party should end with something happy and colorful. In this way, the entire public will be able to enjoy the joy of calypso”, exclaims Torrealba and, immediately, the first chords of «Calypso of El Callao» they start ringing. The children of Vasallos de Venezuela join. The public stands up, applauds, sings and dances accompanying them.

Tradition and nostalgia in the celebration of 50 years of Serenata Guayanesa
«Calypso of El Callao» Photo Ramsés Romero (@rrbfotos)

And so, the TTC said goodbye to the first of two anniversary performances of The flea and the louse want to get married saying: happy 50 Guiana Serenade dancing calypso.

Tradition and nostalgia in the celebration of 50 years of Serenata Guayanesa
last performance of the night Photo Ramsés Romero (@rrbfotos)
Tradition and nostalgia in the celebration of 50 years of Serenata Guayanesa
Children dancing Calypso in Callao Photo Ramsés Romero (@rrbfotos)

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