Abogado:  “Beneficios actividad minera deben llegar a comunidades”

Lawyer: “Benefits of mining activity must reach communities”

The expert mining lawyer and partner of the Pellerano Nadal firm, Luis Rafael Pellerano, considers that the benefits generated by mining activity in the country must reach the communities.

Pellerano emphasized that the mining sector of the Dominican Republic represents one of the pillars that sustains the economy from the country. In fact, it occupies 5% of the Dominican economic growth, placing itself in front of other sectors as important as the tourism, remittances, telecommunications, free zones and construction.

“That is why we salute the courage of President Luis Abinader in mentioning and highlighting the mining industry in his accountability speech on the occasion of the 178th anniversary of the Independence of the Dominican Republic,” he emphasized.

He recalled what Abinader said: “This administration believes in promoting a sustainable mining industry that operates with the highest standards in the world, that guarantees the environment, peaceful coexistence with the communities and that the resources produced serve to achieve a true transformation in the life of families residing in these areas.


added in this regardits support in the same way to the declarations of the Engineer Osiris de Leónmade in an opinion article published in an important media outlet:

“If we want the mining communities to be the first to support mining, and to defend mining, then the Government and the mining companies must agree to take part of the benefits there through: priority works, education quality jobs, drinking water services, subsidized electricity, good health services and payments for environmental services. The Government and the mining companies have the floor”.

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Therefore, we understand that the center of these activities must be reflected in the communities where they are carried out, only in this way will the community make the mining operations their own and defend them as their own. Mining companies and communities must be partners in their future and support each other.

This must also be accompanied by respect and care for the environment in the areas where mining is practiced so that it is truly sustainable.. And along with this, educate the community so that they feel part of the process. Mining companies must be the greatest defenders of the country’s water resources.

Finally, the lawyer said he believes that the mining sector in the Dominican Republic will continue to make significant contributions to the country’s economic growth. But for this it is necessary to generate the conditions that lead to both the State, mining companies and communities can create the necessary ties to further strengthen the sector for the benefit of the nation.

“We hope that we will soon have a country where the communities demand to have mining operations in them. In this way we will achieve a more stable future for our country, one that resists the external shocks that come to us from abroad» concludes Pellerano.

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