Nicaragua attacks the US over a State Department report: "We don't recognize it"

Nicaragua attacks the US over a State Department report: "We don’t recognize it"

Nicaragua attacks the US over a State Department report: "We don't recognize it"

The Nicaraguan government attacked the United States this Tuesday, one day after the State Department published its report annual on human rights, in which he made known the panorama that this Central American country is experiencing.

The spokesperson for the Nicaraguan government and vice president, Rosario Murillo, in televised statements, said she was unaware of the report and accused the Americans of being “barbarians and savages who violate all human rights.”

The State Department report cites countless anomalies in Nicaragua, such as the “arbitrary” deprivation of liberty for political reasons against opponents of President Daniel Ortega, alleged cases of torture and disappearances.

“We respond to their list of slanders, defamations and infamies, attributing them to themselves… provocateurs, aggressors, invaders and directors of choirs and orchestras made up of their local servants. We denounce them again as the most barbaric and savage violators of all Rights Humans,” Murillo said.

The report also highlights that there is “transnational repression“where Nicaraguans” exiled in Costa Rica and elsewhere allege harassment and political oppression by sympathizers of the parapolice and the Sandinista National Liberation Front who crossed the border to attack the exiles, as well as by officials of intelligence inside the Nicaraguan embassy in Costa Rica”.

“Your reports are from you, about you and for you. We do not recognize them,” Murillo concluded.

The report published by Washington summarizes the political crisis that Nicaragua is experiencing and that this April turns six years old. The document mentions, for example, restrictions on press freedom, the absence of an independent judiciary and an undemocratic political system combining to obstruct freedom of expression.

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