Credicoop savers willing to capitalize their contributions

Credicoop savers willing to capitalize their contributions

A group of saving members of the Savings and Credit Cooperative Credicoop Arequipa They expect the return of 100% of their deposits, according to information from the Superintendence of Banking and Insurance AFP (SBS).

The SBS indicates that the entity is in the stage of dissolution and liquidation, according to the available funds found, respecting the payment priority order established by law.

However, Glenda Revilla, vice president of savers, pointed out that several partners have submitted requests to the SBS for non-return of depositsbearing in mind that the intention is to present a Rehabilitation Plan of the entity and this consists of capitalizing its contributions.

“Your concern is about savings banks and banks. They created a financial panic. The cooperatives are going to go bankrupt and with it the banks benefit”he pointed.

The SBS confirmed that the Credicoop cooperative has no capital and is reportedly bankrupt. 60 thousand savers were left in the air and 373 million soles in loss, which would be 100% of the savings.

it is another cooperative where users are afraid, because they denounced that they do not want to return their money, despite having spent more than a year of placing their savings in a fixed term. “So far they have not given us a date or guarantees that they will return the money,” said a saver.

  • 96 Credicoop agencies have closed throughout the country since December 1, when the SBS confirmed that the entity went bankrupt.

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