MMG's Las Bambas copper mine in Peru faces third blockade of the year

Las Bambas: Apurímac has stopped receiving S / 160 million in income due to work stoppage

Edward Palacios, president of the Apurimac Chamber of Commerce, reported this Thursday that his region would have stopped receiving approximately S/ 160 million since the start of the Las Bambas stoppage.

“In these 50 days of paralysis we have stopped receiving approximately S/ 160 million in Apurimac, taking into account that the daily loss is just over S/ 3 million”, he noted in an interview with RPP.

In addition, he said that at the country level around S/ 260 million has not been received in income.

“Las Bambas has stopped exporting US$ 460 million, and this means that Peru stops receiving some S/ 260 million in these 50 days, amounts that represent a cushion to face the economic reactivation that the country needs.”

It is worth mentioning that Las Bambas represents 79% of the region’s GDP.

In this framework, Edward Palacios indicated that there are approximately 375,000 people directly affected by the stoppage of activity. In addition to this, the mining company has had to lay off 3,000 workers and it is evaluating whether to lay off a larger group since there is no income.

Secondly, “There are 1,400 companies that provide services to the mining company, between Apurimeñas and Cusqueñas registered, and in total they capture S / 1 million a day, but now they are doing absolutely nothing for the stoppage and people are being fired,” mentioned.

Finally, the president of the Apurimac Chamber of Commerce maintained that there is a lack of principle of authority on the part of the Government to establish dialogue and reach a solution with the community members.

“The concern deepens every day, since the State is not fulfilling its role of guaranteeing business activity in Apurímac. Mining generated a substantial reduction in poverty, of approximately 50%, in addition, expectations of sustainable development were generated, but all this has come to a standstill”, Palacios said.


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