Lambayeque: Willy Serrato delays trial where prosecutor asks for 16 years in prison

Lambayeque: Willy Serrato delays trial where prosecutor asks for 16 years in prison

More than a year ago, exactly on July 14, 2021, the Lambayeque Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office filed an accusation with the Judiciary against the former mayor of Olmos, , for the crime of money laundering; however, the case is stalled.

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In said request, the prosecutor Julio Taboada Ramón proposed the sentence of 16 years in prison for the mayor and included as accomplices of the crime, 11 people, including his relatives; but there is still no date for the respective accusation control hearing.

According to judicial file No. 3398 – 2018, through his lawyer, Serrato Puse has filed a request for transfer of jurisdiction from the Superior Court of Justice of Lambayeque (CSJLA) to the Judicial District of Trujillo, alleging an alleged “objective impartiality judge”.

This, because he considers that there is a “prejudgment” by Judge Reynaldo Leonardo Carrillo, head of the Anticorruption Court of Preparatory Investigation, and the superior judges of the Appeals Chambers “who have heard their processes.”

For this reason, it maintains that “there are insurmountable circumstances that prevent or seriously disturb the normal development of this process.”

This request based on such arguments has been rejected in the first and second instance by the judges of the CSJLA, which is why the former mayor has appealed through a cassation appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice, which has not yet resolved. That is why, while said verdict is pending, the process does not advance.

Precisely, in the CSJLA on October 14, 2021, Serrato Puse was sentenced to 3 years in prison for having committed the crime of collusion. Ruling that was confirmed in second instance in February 2022 by the Second Criminal Court of Appeals of Chiclayo.

Due to this conviction (for favoring payments to a supplier who turned out to be the brother-in-law of the Public Relations manager), the Police arrested the former mayor at his home on November 12, 2021; but incredibly since that date he has not been transferred to the Chiclayo prison, due to supposed health problems.

Currently, Serrato Puse has been hospitalized for 10 months in the Juan Pablo II clinic, located in the district of La Victoria, however the Prosecutor’s Office has already asked the Chiclayo prison to carry out a medical evaluation to determine if hospitalization is justified.

Two doctors from the Health area of ​​the former Picsi prison visited the Juan Pablo II clinic last month; however, they still do not issue the corresponding reports. Will he remain in serious health?

WASHED. Regarding the process for money laundering, the prosecutor maintains that Willy Serrato, during his tenure as mayor of Olmos “would have requested and received tithes from businessmen for the directed contracting of public works”, in addition to other crimes.

This would have caused him to obtain “money of illicit origin, which he would have converted into movable and immovable property in order to avoid the identification of its origin, its seizure or confiscation, acquiring it in his name, as well as in the name of third parties” .

For this reason, they have been accused as accomplices of money laundering in the conversion modality: Danissa Nunura Sánchez, Darío Serrato Mío, Paula Puse Rivas, Aura Serrato Bances, Diana Maco Serrato, José Maco Serrato, Elva Sánchez Mío, Octavia Gaspara Dámaso, Maximandro Castro Serna, Orlando Jiménez Soto and Carmen Azada Inca.

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