Activate security protocol in the face of a threat to Cecilia Pérez

According to statements by Interior Minister Federico González, a few weeks ago they have been handling information from reliable sources about threats received by the former Justice Minister from organized crime.

Last Monday, the custodian of Cecilia Pérez reported that he saw a suspicious vehicle prowling around the residence, for which they notified the authorities. This was confirmed by Commissioner Pedro Bavera, deputy chief of the Tenth Police Station in Asunción, and according to statements there are several hypotheses about who or who could be threatening Pérez’s life.

“With information from different sources, there was knowledge of a “list” where there are supposedly several names of people who are being targeted, and mine has been confirmed, this would be linked to several causes in which I participated and they are still with processes. open. There were several male people who could be seen inside the black suspicious vehicle.

It is presumed that the order would come out of the Tacumbu Penitentiary, Jimmy Wayne Galliel linked to the Sinaloa cartel would be the Mexican allied to the Rotela Clan. Cecilia also commented that, on one occasion, when she was traveling to a local in Embocada, an unknown car tried to force the vehicle in which she was traveling to stop moving, but at that moment her custodian managed to maneuver and run over the vehicle to get away. of the same. On that occasion they managed to realize that behind them there was a second car that she intended to attack her person, for now the former minister commented that she has already proceeded to hire more security.

“Another strange case also happened last year when a person set out to remove photographs from my house and when my custodian asked him why he was doing it, he started with a somewhat ridiculous story” was another of the cases that happened to him. “In a conversation with a prosecutor in the Chapalo case, we came to the conclusion that they are intimidating, they want to give the message that they are watching.”

The President of the Republic, for his part, is aware of the risks, but his message is not to back down. “These are the consequences when one takes measures, we have to move forward, if we are going to be going backwards for every threat that exists, no one will be able to work. We have to move on.”

Positions held

Before assuming the position of Minister of Justice, Cecilia Pérez, served as Deputy Minister of Criminal Policy of the Ministry of Justice for two periods from September 2016 to August 2018, and from September 2019 to November of the same year. She was subsequently Minister of Justice from November 2019 to February 2022.

He carried out several searches of some main prisons where they managed to thwart escape attempts; There were also riots between 2019 and 2021 due to actions that he determined during his administration. She was in charge of the Chair of Criminal Law, she practiced a career as a notary; She was also a member of the executive branch, of the Selective Body of the National Commission for the Prevention of Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

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