Lacalle Pou and several ministers will visit Mercedes after the storm suffered this Tuesday

The president, Luis Lacalle Pou, will visit Mercedesin the department of Soriano, this Wednesday afternoon to learn about the situation in the city after the storm of strong winds that left several houses and facilities without a roof this Tuesdayinformed the mayor of Soriano, Guillermo Besozzi, to The Observer.

Along with Lacalle will travel the ministers of DefendingJavier Garcia, InsideLuis Alberto Heber, and Social developmentMartin Lemma.

Besozzi said that to the president “he likes to be, to know first hand” when these types of situations occur. The mayor added that the delegation from the Executive Power will arrive at the department around 3:00 p.m.

wind down the river

“If you see the images that are on the networks, it gives you an important fear”said Besozzi, who explained that “luckily” the strong wind “moved down the river and did not catch the city”but “the damage they would have doubled“.

The storm led to fall of large trees in the Rambla de Mercedes areathan having fallen into the houses would have led to greater damage than the current.

Besozzi reported that there was a drop of 36 millimeters of water in eight minutes.

Twelve roofless houses

Around noon, the Soriano Administration will have a more detailed report on the damage suffered by the capital of the department, prepared by the Coordinating Center for Departmental Emergencies (Cecoed).

The coordinator of the Soriano Cecoed, Zoilo Cheveste, explained to The Observer that the situation is being evaluated 25 family houses with “roof blowing” or “structural damage”. Besozzi indicated that of these houses, twelve have had their roofs completely blown out.

In addition to these houses, there is damage to facilities such as the School No. 4which “Two classrooms blew up”lamented Mayor Besozzi. Damage was also reported in clubs such as Rowers, Peñarol and Prague.

Until now two families have been evacuated and they are in the Municipal Velodrome of the departmental capital. One is made up of three older people and eight minors, and the other by three older people.

In addition, the river took away several cars and motorcycles that were on the street, especially on streets that have steep slopes facing the Uruguay River, added the departmental president.

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