La Libertad: Necropsy confirms that a young man died from a bullet impact in Chao

La Libertad: Necropsy confirms that a young man died from a bullet impact in Chao

The 26-year-old singer who lost his life in the protests registered in the located in the province of Virú, in the region was killed with a bullet and not with stones as reported by the .

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Is about Carlos Huaman Cabrera who passed away on Tuesday, December 13, when he was at the Chao Bridge, located in the Chao district. As recalled, the chief of the III Macro Police Region of La Libertad, Augusto Ríos Tiravanti, declared that the victim died as a result of an attack with a stone; however, the autopsy revealed that he received a bullet wound to the lung.

The autopsy that was performed on the young singer.

“Whose cause of death is right lung laceration by firearm projectile. Penetrating chest trauma by firearm projectile. Chest injury from a firearm projectile. it is read in the autopsy certificate accessed by the SaludConLupa portal.

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“I was working in Chao for two months, but before that I was in Lima. According to the information, he went to see what was happening with five companions. When they have been in the group, a shooting was heard. The result of the writing (necropsy) is that he had a bullet in the lung and that causes the death of my son ”, indicated Ausberto Huamán Medina, father of the victim, in statements for Oceanica Bagua Grande.

Carlos Huamán, who was from Bagua, was a young singer and belonged to groups like Ilusión Sensual. In addition, he left a 7-year-old son in the orphanage.


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