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Patrulla Caminera began its plan ‘Operative New Year’s Eve’

The Highway Patrol assured that the objective is ensure road safety in national land transit to the entire set of users of the public highway, within the jurisdiction and competence, in accordance with the law.

He also announced that They will make return coverage on certain days and peak timeswith a system for ordering and regulating vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

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The national inspectors will work to streamline transit in the points of greatest traffic congestion and rush hours, both in the exit and the return to the Capital.

To this is added an estrict control regarding breathalyzer, speeding, improper overtaking and any maneuver that exposes to danger, so drivers are urged to respect the laws in force to avoid inconvenience.

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Finally, he recalled that “the road safety is everyone’s responsibility and that when you are in command of a vehicle, you must be aware of the family that awaits you and of all the families that do not want a Christmas and New Year without their loved ones as a result of the non-observance of security measures and the Traffic and Road Safety Law”.

The entrance Patrulla Caminera began its plan ‘Operative New Year’s Eve’ was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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