They demand a call for political prisoners and their children in exile, a right curtailed by Ortega

They demand a call for political prisoners and their children in exile, a right curtailed by Ortega

The politically persecuted Berta Valle, wife of the former presidential candidate Félix Maradiaga and politically persecuted, demands that the Nicaraguan regime allow her nine-year-old daughter Alejandra to communicate by telephone with the opponent during the “special visits to political prisoners” that They will take place in the context of the Christmas and New Year festivities.

“In our case, my husband (Maradiaga) will be serving this December 24, 564 days since his arbitrary detention and during all this time we have not been allowed to have a phone call with him, we have insisted that this is a violation of the law of our country because it indicates the regularization of visits, telephone calls and communication of detainees. However, to date this has not been done,” Valle said in an interview with Article 66.

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The communicator and activist is in exile in the United States with her daughter for security reasons, for which she demands “to be able to have that phone call, now with technology we can even think of a video call, but that is in the hands of the Police, of it is up to them to comply with the Law and allow family members to have communication. Particularly my desire is that our daughter can speak with Felix, she has insisted on that many times, “she added.

That same request is made by César Dubois, husband of Suyen Barahona. Their son, now five years old, has not seen his mother since June 13, 2021. Less than a month ago, the political prisoner finally authorized her to see some updated photos of the little boy, who is eager to hear from his mother.

«In the spirit of Christmas, we request the freedom of all political prisoners, all of them are innocent. While that happens, we also ask that you allow communication between Suyen and our son, between political prisoners and their children who are outside of Nicaragua. That is part of their rights,” Dubois said in conversation with this media outlet.

He added that it is necessary to establish regular visits and demanded adequate medical care for imprisoned opponents.

Law stipulates calls

For his part, the lawyer and secretary of the Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights (ANPDH) Álvaro Leiva denounces that “the violations of the human rights of political prisoners in Nicaragua, under the dictatorial regime of the Ortega-Murillo, exceed the limits of human dignity and can only be compared to those committed in the 1960s and 1970s by dictatorships in South American countries such as Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, through a scientifically elaborated repressive structure”.

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Leiva explains that the “dictatorship also violates article 05 of the Political Constitution of Nicaragua, because the fundamental principles of the Nicaraguan nation establish freedom, justice, respect for the principle of human dignity, which have been completely denied to the political prisoners. They have been denied the right to transparent and objective justice, which guarantees them access to due process.”

«Article 26 of the Political Constitution is also being violated, which guarantees the right to his private life, the right to maintain his honor and access to all information that refers to his person and reputation. Article 36 establishes that every citizen has the right to have his physical, mental and moral integrity respected. That is to say, that no one can be subjected to torture, procedures, penalties, or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, “adds the defender.

It ensures that these actions on the part of the Nicaraguan regime constitute flagrant crimes under Nicaraguan law and international law, which must be heard in international courts, because many of them constitute crimes against humanity.

In Nicaragua, there are more than 230 political prisoners in Nicaragua, according to the Monitoring Mechanism.

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