Itaú bank app and website are back on the air after errors in balances

Itaú bank app and website are back on the air after errors in balances

The Itaú bank application and website returned to the air late this afternoon (3). Electronic access to accounts was suspended for a few hours in the afternoon, after customers pointed out errors in the processing of bank details.Itaú bank app and website are back on the air after errors in balances

At this time, customers who open the bank’s application receive a notice that balances are being updated. “Dear customer, your balance has been updated. If any payment was made in duplicate, it will be corrected automatically throughout the day. We apologize for the inconvenience”, informs the note displayed on the app.

Through the social network Twitter, Itaú reported that the hours for bank transactions were extended. Direct electronic transfers (TED) could be made until 18:15. Operations via Pix were extended until midnight, with the limits in effect during the daytime being maintained. Tickets can be paid until 8:30 pm.

The problem started in the morning, when customers complained about errors in bank balances. Some account holders claimed to have woken up with a zero or negative balance in their accounts. Others reported over deposits into the account or the return of payments. There are also reports of unidentified looting and queues at service points.

In a note, the bank reported that errors are occurring because of delay in processing bank data. The institution ruled out a hacker attack and claims that the problems observed today are not related to external events.

“Itaú Unibanco informs that it is working intensively to resolve the inconsistency of information verified in the statement and balance of current accounts of part of its customers this Thursday (3). The origin of the problem is related to a delay in the processing of bank data, which generated the need to reprocess them. Therefore, the cause has no relation to any external events. The bank regrets the inconvenience and works to have the situation corrected as soon as possible,” the statement said.

According to the Central Bank, the Itaú bank conglomerate has 90.3 million customers. The number includes leasing operations, cards, payroll loans and other types of operations. If only the bank is taken into account, there are about 56 million account holders, according to the most recent report by the financial institution, for 2020.

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