“It was horrible”: Caracol presenter was saved from dying in a dump truck accident in Bogotá

“It was horrible”: Caracol presenter was saved from dying in a dump truck accident in Bogotá

Alejandra Giraldo, Caracol News Anchor.

The social communicator became a reporter at that time and recounted those distressing moments that were experienced in the sector after the tragedy that has left one dead and 9 injured so far.

Colombia News.

A dump truck loaded with sand apparently ran out of brakes and left Avenida Circunvalación with calle 84, north of Bogotá and fell on top of several vehicles, killing a taxi driver and another person who died in the last few hours. Six others were injured.

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The tragedy was recorded at about 6:20 in the afternoon of Wednesday, March 2, and the case and desperation due to the magnitude of the accident took over the place.

Several people trapped as a result of the weight of the car and on the scene was a presenter from Noticias Caracol who, as best she could, took out her cell phone to record and recount those moments of anxiety.

This is Alejandra Giraldo, a social communicator who has been presenting the news of Canal Caracol for years.

In this morning’s broadcast, the presenter told her colleague Juan Diergo Alvira, who was saved from dying in the accident.

“It was horrible. I was there at exactly that time, 6:36 in the afternoon. The accident caused chaos in that place. It occurred because a yellow dump truck carrying sand apparently lost its brakes. It was coming at high speed on that descent of the ring road. It took 10 cars ahead and goes from the south-north lane to the lane that is below (north-south) », he said.

“It takes two vehicles, a taxi and that gray truck that is seen in the images,” added the presenter.

«I was more or less 20 meters away. I was the first car after the car that was left under the dump truck,” said the presenter on the morning broadcast of Noticias Caracol:

Authorities are investigating the causes of this terrible road accident. The hypotheses suggest that a failure in the brakes of the dump truck would be the main cause of the accident.

Cover photo: @alejandra giraldo

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