Italy requested the extradition of Pedro Leone, imprisoned for kidnapping Milvana Salomone

The Italian justice asked Uruguay for the extradition of Pedro Leone Echart for a murder committed in that country, as reported by El País and confirmed by sources from the Judiciary to The Observer. Leone is in prison for kidnap the doctor in 2015 milvana solomone and collect, along with other kidnappers, a ransom of US$300,000.

The Italian request reached the Directorate of Organized Crime and Interpol in Uruguayand the Judiciary set a hearing for this Wednesday at 10 am.

The person involved has two other records in Italy: another murder of a woman, and possession of weapons.

On May 17, 2015, Leone, together with a gang led by Gustavo Lepere, kidnapped the gynecologist Milvana Salomone in front of her home in Parque Batlle. They kept her in captivity for a month in a space two meters wide by two long, with a height of 1.80 meters, which was hidden under the floor of a shed in the Peñarol neighborhoodaccording to the chronicle published at the time by The Observer.

The captors asked the family $300 thousandwhich were delivered in Punta Gorda, and the woman was released on June 12 in a field of Progreso, Canelones. Within a few hours they were caught. Lepere and four other members of the bandbeside $250 thousand.

A week later, Leone turned himself in at a bar in Carrasco. The rest US$ 50 thousand did not appearY Banco República kept 1% ​​of the money recovered from the familybecause justice ordered the banking of money.

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