Caracas Metro activates Metrobús route due to power failure on Line 2

Through its account on the social network Twitter, the Caracas Metro System explained that the fault affected the Artigas, Maternidad, Capuchinos and El Silencio stations, as well as the Line 4 station, Teatros.

«It is reported that due to a power failure, the Artigas, Maternidad, Capuchinos, Teatros and El Silencio stations; they do not provide commercial service, the Metrobús route between La Paz and Teatros is activated,” reported the Metro System.

In this sense, he indicated that the trains that go to Las Adjuntas and Zoológico will have La Paz station as their final destination, as well as the trains that go from Bello Monte to Teatros, refers to the AVN portal.

Subsequently, users must transfer to the Metrobús contingency route.

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