Desconocidos disparan 300 balas en zona turística en Puerto Rico

Unknown people fire 300 bullets in a tourist and artistic area in Puerto Rico

San Juan, (EFE) – The Police of Puerto Rico investigates an event in which several individuals fired more than 300 bullets at dawn this Monday in the “Yaucromatic” tourist and urban art area in Yauco, a municipality in the south of the island.

The attackers reached #54 Mejías Street, shooting at several businesses, residences and a vehicle, all of which were damaged by bullet impacts, the authorities detailed.

According to the complainant, several individuals aboard a vehicle arrived at the scene and began shooting, causing damage and destruction to the Ada Quiñones Rodríguez recreational plaza, the Rodríguez grocery store, and the El Mirador Sport Bar establishment.

In addition, two residential structures, which are not inhabited at the moment, and a vehicle also suffered bullet wounds as a result of the events.

Agent Doel Santos, from the Technical Services Division of the Ponce Criminal Investigation Corps, appeared at the scene. Puerto Ricowho picked up multiple shell casings of different calibers.

The “Yaucromatic” event has 4 editions, the most recent being in July 2021.

On that occasion, 12 muralists from Brazil, the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela participated.

Sipros (Brazil), Betsy Casañas and Deps (United States), Juandres Vera (Mexico), Abast, Bikismo, Dr. Ziso, Foam Arte and Robinson Galarzar (Puerto Rico), Angurria and Dovente (Dominican Republic), and Golden (Venezuela ) were the artists who captured their works on that occasion.

With these new 12 works, there will be 62 pieces created in the 4 editions of “Yaucromatic”, organized by Jonathan “Pito” Hernández, director of the organization “Arte para Unir”.

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