IPYS supports journalists' claim for restrictions on entering Congress

IPYS supports journalists’ claim for restrictions on entering Congress

The Peruvian Institute of Press and Society (IPYS) supported the claim made by journalists from different media for the restrictions that prevent the entry of Congress facilities.

“As they pointed out, the entrance of the press to the Pasos Perdidos hall and other places where journalists normally were to do their work is still restricted as part of the measures for the pandemic”,

In images published on social networks, you can see the press located outdoors in an improvised space in Plaza Bolivar, which is in front of the Congress building.”, adds the writing.

The statement recalls that on April 18, through a letter sent to the president of Congress, Maricarmen Alva, IPYS demanded that the press once again have access to the facilities of the Congress of the Republic; however, so far there has been no response.

Lately, the restrictive measures due to the pandemic have been lifted in all sectors. However, the press is still prevented from entering Parliament’s premises; for example, to the Hall of the Lost Steps, where normally male and female reporters enrich their coverage”, indicates the IPYS letter.

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