interested support

interested support

Rationality seems to have returned in the Senate with the issue of not giving free rein to Enrique Riera’s proposal to punish with more severe penalties the closing of streets and bridges during demonstrations.

We believe that it is a good principle if one takes into account that sometimes these types of demonstrations by some politicians, the only thing they seek is to position themselves with the sectors they represent at that time.

Riera is a man close to the most conservative, right-wing interests in the country, and should be looking for -we imagine- some possibility of continuing in Congress, and although his proposals did not come out, he ended up sending the message to his resource providers saying “I have behaved well and I have done what you asked me to always do; therefore I can continue to defend your interests in Congress, if they so decide”.

That is the usual formula of politics in democracy in any part of the world and Paraguay is no exception. Sometimes, we believe that the background of the family, or some testimonial questions that have been made of that person, still have an income and credit to collect.

In the case of Enrique Riera, his passage through the Municipal Government of Asunción and the Legislature have already accumulated enough deficit and he is in the red with rationality, with the constitution, with the laws and with the citizenry.

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The entrance interested support was first published in The Independent.

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