Pedro Castillo participates in the twelfth Decentralized Council of Ministers in Huánuco

Initial report on the constitutional complaint against President Pedro Castillo is presented to the subcommission

Congressman Wilson Soto (Popular Action), who is the delegate for the case of the presented a report -which is not the final document- on said accusation to the president of the Constitutional Accusations Subcommittee (SAC), Rosío Torres (Alliance for Progress).

Through an official letter, Soto indicated that it is a first report on the determination of facts, relevance of evidence and recommendation of constitutional complaint 219, presented by citizens Fernán Altuve, Ángel Delgado, Lourdes Flores Nano and others, against the Head of State for the alleged commission of the crime of treason against the State.

In the document, the parliamentarian also recalls that his colleagues Norma Yarrow (Advance Country) and Jose Cueto (Popular Renovation) endorsed the accusation against the president presented by the aforementioned citizens.

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Wilson Soto He also pointed out that the report is given “in order to continue with the corresponding processing, which is why we will proceed to attach the evidence and annexes”.

Likewise, on his Twitter account, the legislator clarified that this is the initial part of the process and that, soon, hearings will be convened in order to prepare the final report.

Grounds for the complaint

According to the factual basis of the complaint, on January 24 and 25, the international network CNN broadcast an interview with the head of state in which he spoke about the possibility of granting Bolivia an outlet to the sea.

“I did not say it as president. It’s an idea. But now we will consult the people. For that, the people need to manifest themselves. If Peru agrees… it would never do things that the people do not want”, Castillo Terrones said that time.

“I am not saying that I am going to give the sea to Bolivia (…) Now we will agree, we will consult the people. For that, the people need to manifest themselves”, added peter castleaccording to the indictment.


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