Indeci alert: 121 jungle districts at risk of landslides due to heavy rains (VIDEO)

Indeci alert: 121 jungle districts at risk of landslides due to heavy rains (VIDEO)

The National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci) reported that 121 districts of the jungle are at risk of landslides, huaicos or other types of mass movements, as a result of the rains forecast by the Senamhi (National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru). ), from Wednesday 4 to Friday 6 May. This was reported by the National Center for Disaster Risk Estimation, Prevention and Reduction (Cenepred).

San Martín, with 16 districts, is the region with the largest number of jurisdictions at risk”very high”, followed by Amazonas (4), Cajamarca (4), Pasco (3), Huánuco (1) and Loreto (1). Likewise, a total of 92 districts of those same districts, in addition to Cusco, Junín and Ucayali, are at risk “high” of being affected by this type of emergency.

In total, the San Martín region is the most compromised with 53 districts at risk.

Some network users shared videos of houses, commercial premises and flooded streets in Tarapoto.

The images also show how the waters drag a citizen’s motorcycle on a central avenue.

Heavy rains recorded in Tarapoto by users of social networks. (Twitter video captures)


Faced with this situation, Indeci urges the local and/or regional government authorities to inform the population about evacuation routes, safe areas and meeting points, as well as the availability of health centers, fire companies and police stations in case of an emergency.

It also recommends that the population identify evacuation routes that lead them to a high, safe area, away from riverbeds and/or streams, because landslides and mudslides may occur. Also protect and reinforce the roof of their homes, establish an early warning system using whistles, bells, alarms, sirens or loudspeakers, in coordination with local authorities.


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