More stations, and we keep adding

More stations, and we keep adding

The purchase of fuel continues to be news, the dollar continues to fall and the price of the barrel price as well. What we would have to do, definitely, is to make the entire process transparent and have an exact awareness of how much tax is taken each time we load fuel – those of the State – and how much companies that have multiplied the number of gas stations without any real economic argument that endorses that multiplication of gas stations, which logically, being all very close, in a small radius, with a small population, can never yield the benefits that it longed for; unless you are looking for another type of business using gas stations as a screen.

It is time to be honest about these issues, in each of the processes, and also to be clear about who are those who manage the gas station of the state-owned Petropar, and where we will also see that many times corruption, political cronies and patronage , mean that what is collected instantly when the fuel is loaded from the tank of a vehicle is not paid in a timely manner.

We must admit that we are behind in all these issues that ultimately only promote corruption and punishment in the pockets of the people.

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