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Ensures in two months it would finish SDO roads

The Minister of Public Works and Communications, Deligne Ascención, promised that in 60 or 90 days the reconstruction works of the Cordillera and Los Beisbolistas avenues will be completed, both of great importance for the relief of traffic in West Santo Domingo.

The official said that the roads also have a great impact because they can be used to travel to places such as Haina, San Cristóbal, the Santo Domingo beltway, or to other sectors of the Santo Domingo Oeste municipality, to which they belong.

Ascención maintained that the infrastructure involves an investment of more than 800 million pesos, after explaining that Cordillera Avenue, around four kilometers long and with two lanes, is a connection point between municipalities: Los Alcarrizos and Santo Domingo Oeste.

“That avenue is a direct connection between the different sectors of the expansion zone and the Duarte highway. Some very profound work has been carried out there, due first of all to the carelessness of the different authorities for years, which had not taken care of having the intervention that this road deserves, and also to the fact that a series of settlements that have been made around the entire perimeter of rivers and ravines prevented the natural drainage of this road”, the minister detailed.

He said that the work on Cordillera Avenue has been delayed by the intervention carried out by the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation (CAASD) in a section of it.

Minister Ascención also said that Public Works began an ambitious plan to build sidewalks and containments in different sectors of Santo Domingo Oeste, which due to the very nature of their conformation did not have these types of services.

“We have already built dozens of linear kilometers of sidewalks and curbs, to then proceed with the asphalting of these roads, which in some cases we have even already started,” the official stressed in a document sent to this newsroom.

Ascención described as very important the impact of these works among the residents of the area, due to the growth that Santo Domingo Oeste has experienced towards that area.

“Roads like these facilitate not only access and communication, but also contribute to orderly growth, because they encourage private developers to make investments in developments,” he said.

I specify that in the same way, it is a reason to support those who have made investments to promote the sale of apartments, as well as citizens who bought lots from the State Sugar Council (CEA) and have built their homes individually.

Ascención explained that Cordillera Avenue crosses sectors: La Ciénaga, La Concordia, Bayona, among others, which have experienced significant growth throughout this area and which for years had been forgotten.

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On Los Beisbolistas avenue, Ascención said that it is a very important work, because it serves as the main road for the entire expansion area of ​​the Santo Domingo Oeste municipality, which has grown in the environment that goes from the 27 de Febrero Prolongation to the Santo Domingo Beltway, which concomitantly connects it with the communities of Hato Nuevo, Batey Bienvenido, among others.

In this sense, Ascención stressed that this has meant that the portfolio he directs, in order to guarantee permanent and lasting work for the people who pass through there, has had to make an investment in vertical drainage with pipes up to 72 inches wide and a strong ground stabilization.
He added the state commitment that it has with the road development of the country.

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