Inale estimated at 9% the growth of income from dairy exports in 2021

The turnover generated by Uruguayan exports of dairy products throughout 2021 grew 9%, compared to that achieved in January-December of the previous year.

This resulted from best prices received, with especially large increases in whole milk powder, skim milk powder, and shortening.

This was established by the technicians of the National Milk Institute (Inale), who reported that considering the set of the four items (cheese is added to the previous ones) in 2021 it was exported for US$ 753.8 million, based on data from the National Customs Directorate (DNA).

If the reading is made on the placed volume, in January-December of last year, 199,216 tons were reached (considering all items) and compared to the same period in 2020, there was a 4% drop in whole milk powder, a 6% drop in skimmed milk powder, a 5% drop in the case of cheese and there was a 9% drop in butter.

Whole milk powder remains, by far, the most exported product: 141,176 tons in all of 2021, that is, 70.8% of the total shipped, generating income of US$ 491.2 million, 65.1% of the total obtained.

Revenues from whole milk powder grew 10%, those from skimmed milk powder the same, those from butter 16%, and there was a 3% drop in the case of cheese.

The firmness in the values ​​of dairy products on the world stage was confirmed this Tuesday, January 18, in the Fonterra (Global Dairy Trade) auction, with values ​​rising again and average prices above US$4,000 for the average for dairy products and for whole milk powder, which Uruguay exports the most.

In relation to the average prices achieved, based on the comparison of January-December 2021 with that period of 2020, it improved 14% in whole milk powder, there was a 16% rise in skimmed milk powder, a rise 2% in cheese and improved 27% in butter.

If the price received in December 2021 is compared with that of December 2020, improvements were recorded in all products; the largest increase was for butter (+31%), followed by whole milk powder (+14%), skim milk powder (+11%) and cheese (+1%).

Finally, considering the most recent, that is, exclusively what happened with the businesses corresponding to December 2021, the average prices were:

  • US$ 3,532 per ton of whole milk powder
  • US$2,995 per ton of skimmed milk powder
  • US$ 4,129 per ton of cheese
  • US$ 4,369 per ton of butter

The destinations

The Inale report also revealed that Considering the last 12 months, 25% of exported dairy products went to Brazil, 23% went to Algeria, 20% to China, 6% to Russia, 4% to Mexico and the rest (22%) to other markets.

Algeria was the main destination for whole milk powder (32% of the total shipped); Brazil for skimmed milk powder (54%) and cheeses (27%); and Russia for butter (45%).

Next, the full report prepared by Inale technicians, sent to The Observer:

Inale Dairy Exports All 2021 by john samuel on Scribd

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