Belgrano wins the Uruguayan Tetracampeones Cup

Belgrano wins the Uruguayan Tetracampeones Cup

The Belgrano of Cordoba conquered this Tuesday in Montevideo the Uruguayan Four-Champions Cup after beating 0-1 Danube Y Union SpanishIt was completed by the home run podium by defeating 0-2 Sporting defender.

The Argentines of Belgrano they obtained the title of the summer tournament with a goal a few minutes from the end converted by Pablo Vegetti.

Danube, directed by exporter Jorge Fossati, presented several changes with respect to the team that had beaten Sporting Defender to get to the end.

The heavy rains, some injuries and the coach’s desire to try new players contributed to frustrating the performance of the Uruguayan team, which this season will play again in the First division After spending a year at B.

The visitors pressed in the second half and thus managed to resolve the game in their favor.

In the match for third place, the Chileans from Spanish Union They beat the other local team 0-2, Sporting defender.

The game was affected by heavy rain.

As in Danube, Defender Sporting, who also returns to the elite of Uruguayan football in 2022, tried numerous changes in his starting line-up.

The little depth in attack, together with the lack of firmness in the defensive zone were part of the explanation for the defeat of Defender.

Unión Española knew how to take advantage of defensive failures and in an interval of three minutes Leandro Garate, at 17, and Ignatius Jara, in the 20th, sealed the victory.

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