Idoppril delivered 675 million for work accidents

Idoppril delivered 675 million for work accidents

During the first half of the year, the Dominican Institute for the Prevention and Protection of Occupational Hazards (Idoppril) delivered RD$ 674.8 million for the benefit of 40,492 member families who suffered some type of accident at work.

This was reported by the executive director of this entity, Fausto Lopez Soliswho also indicated that this amount is RD$ 58.6 million more than what was reported in the first half of 2021, where 616.2 million pesos were disbursed.

Through a press release, López Solís said that of the RD$674.8 million, 401.4 million were allocated to the payment of medical disability leave, in favor of 35,603 people.

He argued that thanks to the established policies for attending to affiliates, an amount of RD$ 125.08 million was delivered for payroll payments of Survivorship Pension and by Disability Pension in favor of 3,875 workers.

the owner of the Idoppril explained that for compensation 721 workers were benefited for a value of RD$ 113.10, which represents an amount of RD$ 75.08 million more than the first semester of last year.

The official specified that, during the first half of 2022, the Government, through the Idopprilmade payments for RD$ 10.68 million in favor of 39 affiliates or their relatives for single payments.

He said that among the achievements in favor of the affiliates and their families that can be exhibited is the delivery of resources by funeral expensesallocating in these first six months of 2022 RD$ 6.3 million to relatives of deceased workers.

Dr. López Solís said that in terms of orphan, widowhood and retroactive disability payments An amount of RD$ 17.36 million was delivered in this first semester of 2022.

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