Sartori toured Parliament for his TikTok followers and made a curious complaint

The nationalist senator Juan Sartori made a video touring the Legislative Palace to share with his followers on the TikTok social network, where he already has 28,500 likes. The legislator showed his entrance to the place, the Chamber of Senators and Deputies, offices of other colleagues and his own, which is on the second floor.

He made a curious complaint: he tried to take the elevator, but ended up taking the stairs because, he said, the elevators in the palace “take too long.” Furthermore, he described Parliament as “a place full of secrets”.

Sartori has been a senator since February 2020, although he admitted “in these years I have not yet found all the places.” The video was viewed by 259,600 people.

@juansartoriuy Accompany me to the Senate ?️?#juansartori #uruguayanparliament #National Party ♬ Big Energy – Latto

The politician has 8,900 followers on the youth social network and the last video he had published was on the day of the referendum for the law of urgent consideration (LUC), which ended with a result favorable to the government.

The comments were immediate and varied. “I love you Sartori, for you I want to go to high school,” commented the user who received the most likes. Other popular comments were: “Do you realize that we could have had an influencer president? HAJQJAJ” and “As a senator I have no idea but as a tiktoker I have a tremendous future ?”.

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