How to get the best ticket prices for national and international flights?

How to get the best ticket prices for national and international flights?

Buying the plane ticket at the perfect price is usually a lottery. Fares change for various factors, and if you plan to travel to a destination in Peru or abroad in 2022, you probably want to make sure you buy the cheapest ticket possible.

Some people claim that factors such as time, destination, day and more influence the final price of a ticket. What are myths and what are true? But above all, what is the best way to get cheap flights? Here are all the details.

The best day to get cheap flights

The least popular days to travel are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but they are also the days when you can find cheap flights. Fridays and Sundays These are the days when travelers search for flights more frequently as they have more free time; they are also the days when most people take a flight.

You must take into account that airlines work by supply and demand, so the prices for weekends are higher.

Months to travel cheaper

The first recommendation is that you be flexible with your travel dates, that is, be open to visiting a destination outside of a date that you normally would. Therefore, it will be important that you plan your flight in advance.

It is generally recommended that you look for airline tickets up to three months in advance, as airlines offer tickets at prices below the average if a seat is separated early.

To this is also added the fact of the high and low seasons. Avoid traveling at Easter, mid-year or end-of-year vacations, considered times of high demand and which could lead to an increase in tickets.

On the other hand, the low season is generally considered between the months of May and October, with the exception of July since National Holidays are celebrated in Peru and there is a long holiday on July 28.

What time is it recommended to travel?

Although it may seem like a myth, it is true that airlines lower the cost of tickets for flights that take place at dawn or at night. This also applies to low-cost companies, so there is a possibility that you will find a ticket at a price well below normal.


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