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Assures DR leads the Caribbean region in renewable energies

The country has several solar energy projects.

The Vice Minister of Energy Savings and Efficiency, Alfonso Rodríguez, assured that the Dominican Republic is taking giant steps in the production of renewable energy, which has allowed it to take the leadership of the Caribbean countries in this regard.

He said that due to the leadership it has assumed in the production of renewable energies, through the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the country has assumed the pro tempore presidency of the Renewables Initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean (RELAC), a forum that was born in the framework of the United Nations Climate Action Summit to accelerate the carbon-neutrality of electricity systems in the region.

“This means that we have been considered internationally as the Caribbean country that is developing the most renewable energy,” said Vice Minister Rodríguez when interviewed on the television program Esta Mañana, which is broadcast on channel 4RD.

400 new megawatts

Engineer Rodríguez announced that only this year the private sector will begin to build 400 megawatts of renewable energy through the signing of nine energy purchase contracts from different concessionaires.

He clarified that these investments are in charge of the private sector, that the State will not incur capital expenditures in these projects, but will buy the energy produced by these generators.
“President Luis Abinader ordered that all those projects, which are private investment and that were shelved in past administrations, be released, thus betting on the decarbonization of the planet,” said the deputy minister.

The official explained that renewable energy is friendly to the environment because it contributes to the decarbonization of the planet, translating into a better quality of the air we breathe, as well as contributing to our balance of payment, since for the generation of renewable energies it is not needed buy fossil fuels abroad.

Wind and solar energy do not demand foreign currency

“It is an energy (wind and solar) that is produced without the need to spend foreign currency, that is as if we had an oil well. This makes it possible to lower the pressure of our exchange rate ”, emphasized”, Vice Minister Rodríguez to highlight the benefits that renewable energies bring to the economy and the Dominican environment, as they are clean energies.

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