Heber said that the FA's proposal to declare a security emergency seems "marketing"

Heber said that the FA’s proposal to declare a security emergency seems “marketing”

The Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, said that he finds “more marketing than anything else” the proposal made by the Broad Front (FA) in Parliament to declare a state of emergency on the issue of security due to the increase in violence and homicides recorded in recent months.

“There were events and homicides in the past that did justify this emergency and they did not do so when they were in government,” Heber said this Thursday in Canelones.

“It seems to me that it goes beyond the conjunctural situation that one may be experiencing. What is sought is to try to generate a kind of emergency that does not exist, “added the minister.

He also stressed that there has been “success in the plans that we have implemented.”

These statements were made within the framework of the presentation of the results of the two months of execution of the Plan of Action of the Task Force in the Metropolitan Zone. The main data details that 2.2 million pesos were seized, 160 mouths of base paste were dismantled; 222 people were arrested and 119 prosecuted.

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