Guido: “Asalto en Los Mameyes es un desafío a las autoridades”

Guido: “Assault in Los Mameyes is a challenge to the authorities”

ANDhe political leader Guido Gómez Mazarasigned that the Dominican Government cannot afford the challenge that crime represents when it carries out acts such as the one that occurred in the Los Mameyes sector, when an assault is carried out in broad daylight and using powerful caliber weapons in such a visible manner .

In the opinion of the leader of Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) that modus operandi is unacceptable, and cannot be allowed under any circumstances, since it sends a very dangerous signal to society, since it contributes to generalizing the climate of distrust and panic.

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Gomez mazara He said that it is dangerous to allow this type of act that is not only seen in the movies, and recalled that there have already been several robberies in which criminals “in trulla” participate. “Videos of criminals circulate on the networks who arrive at grocery stores and places and steal from everyone. The Police must act,” he says.

“The best and most reliable statistics that can be had on crime is when you walk through the neighborhoods and see that fear is spreading, that women get money between bras, and cell phones in the most unthinkable parts,” he claimed.

He ratified that the assault in Los Mameyes where criminals carry loot of around 9 million pesos, can create the false perception that the authorities have already lost control of what happens in the neighborhoods, and that is dangerous for democracy and for the daily life in which we all unfold.

He demanded that the issue of police reform be speeded up, since this is a problem that cannot wait, since in a climate of terror, fear and mistrust, no society can move forward. For Guido, the issue of insecurity that is experienced can no longer be postponed, and it must be resolved.

He called the authorities to drink from the experience and the plans that, regarding crime have been established in countries such as Colombia, New York, Mexico, although he stressed that it is necessary to take into account that “in each society the phenomenon is different and requires different medicines.”

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