Fernando Pereira: “The first part of the government has been painful”

The president of wide front, Fernando Pereira, once again charged the inks against the coalition government led by Lacalle Pou.

Through the Podcasts issued by the political force, he expressed himself on various topics, related to retirees, the basic basket and social spending

“The first part of the government has been painful for Uruguayans. In the first place, because the promise of not lowering wages and pensions was clearly not fulfilled. That takes away the purchasing power of average households. Because effectively what the Uruguayans were told that there was going to be an educational investment, an educational shock, 135 model high schools, are not seen in the concrete reality of the Uruguayans. Because that situation of the people who were in a situation of poverty and promised him over and over again that they were going to stop living in settlements and improve monetary transfers only occurred in a pandemic and in a hard way, ”he recalled.

Pereira said that the current situation of poverty “demonstrates a lack of capacity” of the Executive Power to take on the problems of the people and pointed out that this phenomenon grew in “significant terms” for what Uruguay had been doing in the last 15 years of government of the party he now leads.

“Prices have increased to an incredible level, anyone who goes to the store or the supermarket realizes it.”

Substantial “for human life” expressed Pereira

The grocer had to start selling by 250 grams because people couldn’t buy a kilo. These are situations that they promised and did not deliver. Needless to say, the Mides building (Ministry of Social Development) is not located in Casavalle”, emphasized Pereira.

It continues “in the Gaucho, not to mention that none of the model high schools have laid the foundation stone, not to mention that the thing that health was going to be strengthened ended in the lack of substantial medicines for human life”

Later, the former president of the Uruguayan workers’ union, maintained that it is a “government of announcements and little concreteness.” “It is what people feel daily in their pocket, in their grocery bag, at home when they lack food.” «He has to eat in the popular pot, when he lines up at the hospital and can’t find the medicine. All the parties that make up the government propose measures to abate the crisis situation experienced by Uruguayans who have the worst economic problems. In other words, the recognition of parts no longer requires evidence and the workers and retirees are still waiting for the spill,” said Fernando Pereira.

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