Government will extend partial insurance until September 30 for sectors affected by the pandemic

Minister of Labor, Pablo Mieres.
Minister of Labor, Pablo Mieres.

The extension of the partial unemployment insurance that ended on June 30 will be extended until September 30 for those sectors affected by the pandemic.

“The measure will be implemented for the last time and responds to the existence of items affected by the pandemic with a delay in their productive reactivation,” said Minister Mieres.

Partial unemployment insurance has been applied since March 2020, at the start of the health emergency.

In accordance with current regulations, the exceptional measure “cannot be extended again by this means, for which the government decided to submit the project to Parliament.”

The provision will include the sectors of food processing and preservation, beverages and tobacco, commerce, hotels, restaurants and bars, transport and storage, educational, cultural, entertainment and communications services, professional services, specialized technicians and union, social entities. and sports.

Last April, some 9,100 people were covered by the partial unemployment insurance, Mieres said in statements to the press.

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