Government eliminates the logo and the phrase "Always with the people"

Government eliminates the logo and the phrase “Always with the people”

The government of Today it annulled the use of the logo and the phrase “Always with the people”, which was used in all informative institutional advertising during the administration of Pedro Castillo.

Ministerial resolution No. 349-2022-PCM, which dictates this provision, was published today in the bulletin of legal regulations of the Official Gazette El Peruano and bears the signature of the President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Angulo.

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The slogan of the Castillo government was established as a social communication policy since December 14, 2021, when Mirtha Vásquez held the position of head of the Ministerial Cabinet.

At that time, the Secretariat of Social Communication supported the implementation of the slogan based on “the need to adopt actions that contribute to the optimization of the communication policy of the Executive Branch, so that the population obtains more and better information on the tasks performing”.

However, Boluarte’s management chose to undo this provision “in order to maintain a democratic system and governability, it is necessary to change the communication strategy”, as referred to in the considering part of today’s resolution.


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