Así fue la Feria Navidad del Cambio con el Inespre en Santiago

This was the Christmas of Change Fair with Inespre in Santiago

SANTIAGO, DR. More than 13,000 people residing in Santiago purchased low-cost food at the third “Great Christmas Fair for Change with Inespre” held in Central Park, where they had access to more than 65 products from the basic family and Christmas basket; as well as special combos, for two days, from nine in the morning to six in the afternoon.

Inhabitants of various sectors of nine municipalities and 17 municipal districts of Santiago thanked the Presidency of the Republic and Inespre for organizing this Great Fair, but above all for the wide variety, quality and good prices of the products offered to the population. . 84,000 pounds of pork legs, 51,250 pounds of rice, 60,000 pounds of chickens, and 141,780 eggs, among other products, were sold.

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Iván Hernández Guzmán, director of the entity, thanked the support and trust received by so many people from Santiago in his hometown and announced that Inespre will continue to increase the number of products offered to the population at Christmas fairs, noting that in Santiago there were 67, in compliance with the request of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, who also ordered the holding of eight large Christmas fairs for the population to continue guaranteeing the population’s food security.

» More than 31 thousand people have benefited during our first three Christmas of Change fairs in the National District, Santo Domingo Norte and now in Santiago, but we invite the population to participate in the next five that will take place in the coming weeks in Santo Sunday West on December 22 and 23 at the old Herrera Airport; in San Francisco de Macorís on the 27th and 28th at the Livestock Fair; in Santo Domingo Este on the 29th and 30th in the Los Frailes II sector and in 2023, we will be in Los Alcarrizos on January 3rd and 4th and in San Cristóbal on the 6th and 7th of the same month, for more details on the points of sale , offers, services, schedules and other details, please access our social networks @inesprerd,” said Hernández Guzmán.

While the Governor of Santiago, Rosa Santos, highlighted the quality and variety of the products offered at the fair and urged the entire population to support this initiative of the Presidency of the Republic and Inespre.

While the director of Edenorte, Andrés Cueto, said that this type of fairs and other sales programs for low-cost products should be multiplied at the national level.

For his part, Franco Núñez, director of Inespre in Santiago, reported that the institution has a social commitment to bring quality food at low costs to the Dominican population, but especially to the most vulnerable, for which reason they will continue to hold fairs like these. coordinated by the executive director, as well as 89 farmers’ markets, 150 mobile warehouses, sales of special combos in supermarkets every week.

The Great Christmas of Change Fair with Inespre in Santiago was supported by the Presidency of the Republic and at the service level by the Economic Kitchens with the delivery of cooked food, Codopesca with the sale of low-cost fish, OMSA with free transportation at 12 points , SENASA with affiliation and delivery of medical insurance, 911 with health assistance; the Reserve Bank with banking services; as well as numerous private companies that sold their merchandise such as Grupo Rica, Induban, Mercasid, La Fabril, Kola Real, Baldom, La Famosa, Chojoba Cacao; as well as local agricultural producers and others.

Super Christmas Combo

The Inespre Christmas Super Combo contains 15 products from the basic basket, such as 5 pounds of select B rice, a 2-pound bean bag, a 1-pound special salami, 16-ounce oil, 300-gram whole oats, natural cassava of 4 pieces, a 10-unit box of chocolate bars, a 400-gram spaghetti case, a 15-ounce can of pigeon peas, a 14-ounce case of corn flour, a 15-ounce canned sweet corn, ground salt of 454 grams, a 15-ounce sardine in tomato sauce, an 8-ounce powdered seasoning, and a 16-ounce natural golden vinegar.

Products offered in Santiago

Inespre, in coordination with local institutions and producers, offered pork legs for 750 pesos, frozen chicken for 150 pesos, 10-pound chops for 800 pesos, one-pound salami for 50 pesos, a five-pound case of Selecto Type B Rice for 100 pesos, a sack of 25 pounds select type B at 500, 400-gram beans at 100 pesos, 15-ounce canned pigeon peas at 60 pesos, 2.5 mesh potatoes at 50 pesos, green guineitos by weight, plantains at 5, 400-gram spaghetti at 25 pesos, oil 16 ounces for 75, a pound of Creole garlic for 90 pesos, two pounds of cream sugar for 50 pesos, 15-ounce sardines in tomato sauce for 55 pesos, a 30-unit carton of eggs plus flour for 150, a box of chocolates 10 tablets at 35, coffee pack at 100, cornmeal at 20, jamoneta 75 per pound, avocados 5 per 100, soursop at 3 x 100, packet of gummies at 90, coquito shell at 190, cassava at 15 pesos the cover, bread at 30 pesos 10 units, lemons at 4 pesos, grapefruit at 8 pesos and 3 pineapples for 100 pesos.

This was the Christmas of Change Fair with Inespre in Santiago

They were also sold milky for 45 pesos, melon for 30 pesos, honey for 150 pesos, canned cherry for 50 pesos, package of tamarind for 50 pesos, flour cookies for 40 pesos, apple for 45 pesos per unit, bottles of water at 15, lemons and orange at 5; the pounds of yellow yautía to 50, of auyama to 20, of yams to 25, of white yautía to 50, of yams to 25, of Ají gustos to 100 pesos, of Ají normal to 35, of Broccoli to 40, tomato sauce at 60, onions at 70, garlic at 75, sweet potato at 75, a gallon of oil at 300, lettuce at 35 a package, watercress at 25 a package, a can of corn at 50 and sardines at 55.

Inespre sold a wide variety of sausages in Santiago, such as white cheese at 145 a pound, yellow cheese at 165, special two-pound salami at 160 and 275, retail chops per pound at 115, sausage at 95 a pound, chorizo ​​at 125 the pound, sausages at 50; as well as wines at 250 pesos, among others.

To the Great Christmas Fair of Change with the unexpected attended by the director of the entity, Iván Hernández Guzmán; the governor of Santiago, Rosa Santos; the director of Edenorte, Andrés Cuesto; the director of Proindustria, Ulises Rodríguez; the director of Inespre in Santiago, Franco Núñez; the director of the IAD of Santiago, Virigilio Tavares; councilors Daysi Díaz, Magdalena Rodríguez and Frank Medina; the directors of Inespre for Supplies and Services, Delio Luna; Financial, Victor Peralta; administrative, Ferdy Mendieta; of Standards and Food Safety, Federico de Jesús; the deputy directors Nelson Marte, Eudy Collado and Lino Fulgencio; the director of the East and market coordinator; Edgar Garcia; the person in charge of the Santo Domingo province, Juan de la Cruz; the South Region market coordinator, Mardi Félix; the coordinator of Supplies and Services, Marcos Rodríguez; the manager of Markets, Ricardo Brea; the security manager, Ciriaco de Jesús and the market coordinator, Alexandra Álvarez. From Santiago the supervisor, Milagros Holguín; the HR manager, Virginia Báez; the market supervisor for the Northern region, Gabriel Burdier; the supervisor, Milagros Holguín; Santiago’s assistant director, Nelson Billini; the person in charge of Protocol, Verónica Pla, among other local and institutional officials.

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