Fuerza del Pueblo se retira de discusiones de reforma a la Constitución

Fuerza del Pueblo withdraws from discussions on reform of the Constitution

The People’s Force announced its withdrawal from the table discussing the proposal for Constitutional reform in the Economic and Social Council because it considers the proposal untimely and unnecessary.

Henry Merán, member of the Political Directorate of the FP and representative of said political organization in the CES, announced the decision from the CES, before starting the debates, a proposal that was later followed by the Dominican Liberation Party and other political organizations, with similar concerns.

The People’s Force

Fuerza del Pueblo considers the proposal untimely, understanding that the government must concentrate on solving essential problems that afflict the population.

According to Merán, the reform is unnecessary, since the proposed modifications may well be made without touching the Constitution.

Lastly, VET announced that it will remain at the other tables of the CES, since it is a party that believes in dialogue, however, it requests that it be excluded from any call that has to do with reform of the Constitution.

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