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#FreeZone | The War of the Chapitos

‘El Chapo’ may be in a high-security prison, but his legend remains and is positioned through a new generation: his children.

Ovid, Alfredo and Ivan Archivaldo Guzman They have declared war on the largest city in the country, a territory that their father never managed to conquer, but that the brothers, called “the chapitos” they eagerly seek to invade with their criminal organization.

Achieving transcendence of one of the most mobile cities in the world is an enormous challenge, which requires a first-rate strategy. Something that no mafia in the north of the country has achieved.

The plan of the juniors, according to some authorities, has to do with reaching certain strategic city halls, to place members of the cartel and in this way one day confront the emblematic organization with enough troops. “The Union Tepito”.

More than a space, they want the city

Perhaps it was not an eight-column news story, but throughout 2021 the Deputy Attorney General’s Office for Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (SEIDO), together with the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) worked fervently to try to dismantle The Sinaloasyes, a bloody cell Sinaloa Cartel who operated in the Mexico state under the orders of The Chapitos.

This structure had the objective of being an issuer to open the way for the children of ‘Chapo’ in the Valley of Mexico. Since January of last year, there have been major confrontations and arrests, such as: Jorge, Roberto clumsyEdward aka CheckFrancisco, Areli, Oscar, Juan Pablo the payoJasmine Y Richard alias Frank. All of them related as envoys from the Sinaloans with the objective previously described.

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