Fray Bentos: Rider is in serious condition after being thrown by the horse he tamed

In the department of Rio Negro, a rider of Argentine nationality is in a serious state of health, as a result of the blow received when he was developing a rider.

The accident took place in the Nativist Society the corner. The information was known through Channel 11 of said department.

The aforementioned media reports that according to the medical report, the rider was “fired by the horse, with such bad luck that he hit his head against the palenque”, it is indicated about the event.

Later it is reported that in the fall this was also “tightened by the horse.” Treated at the hospital, the emergency report shows that the man “residing in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, is in serious condition, as a result of suffering and cranial brain trauma. He was referred to the CTI », it is pointed out from Channel 11.

The rodeos are events that take place regularly in all corners of the country, mainly during weekends. However, in the course of the tourism weekthey acquire more intensity throughout the national territory.

Various animal rights platforms have spoken out against their development, emphasizing that they have nothing as an attraction of a cultural nature.

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