Raquel Peña: «El Presidente no escatima esfuerzos para garantizar salud del pueblo»

Raquel Peña: “The President spares no effort to guarantee the health of the people”

SAN PEDRO DE MACORIS.-Lhe vice president and coordinator of the Health Cabinet, Raquel Peña led the “Change your lifestyle” Health Route and Fair in this municipality, where the Health authorities installed a cardiometabolic equipment in the Clinical and Diagnostic Center that will serve to take control of blood pressure and diabetes of the municipalities of this area.

The initiative aims to create awareness in the community to establish healthy lifestyle habits and thus prevent diseases.

“The Health Route” in its 5th version, this initiative was used to commemorate “World Health Day” with the collaboration of the World Health Organization (PAHO), which this year has the motto “Our planet, our health”, as a way to direct global attention to the interconnectedness between the planet and our health.

Vice President Raquel Peña stated that “the people can count on the medicines they require, she reiterated, the president spares no effort or resources to guarantee the health of the Dominican people, to achieve the results acquired when facing COVID-19, but although we have exceeded, we must continue to take care of ourselves because there are other diseases, San Pedro, we are here to motivate physical exercise”.

Daniel Rivera called on the population to consume the products that are harvested in the Dominican fields and at the same time to carry out physical activities that contribute to improving health.

“In this province, we have very high values ​​of diabetes and hypertension, it is necessary for the population to understand that they must take care of their health. We are working to improve and control these rates with activities like these and the development of comprehensive health plans, but the population must take responsibility for taking care of their health,” he indicated.

Likewise, he clarified that he will continue with this political will, of transformation so that people do not end up with chronic diseases, preventive health has a component of several elements, including the environment.

In addition, he reported that “the health sector will continue to work with the infrastructure of the 56 hospitals to guarantee our priority, health.”

The activity included talks for adolescents on (early pregnancy, mental health and driver education).

Likewise, children’s games, healthy cooking, meeting with the elderly and other health promotion activities and positions for cardiometabolic evaluation.

In the same idea, the representative of the Pan American Health Organization PAHO, Oliver Ronveaux expressed that economic and environmental development establishes the condition, with elements that are developed, to help our health, “I urge the population to consume healthy food and perform sports as well as controlled use of cigarettes and tobacco”.

As part of the activities, the Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel Rivera, held a meeting with elderly people from that province, in order to learn about lifestyles and needs of this population segment.

Likewise, dozens of pregnant women received talks and prenatal baskets with various products.


The Provincial Director of Health Dr. Juan Ramón de los Santos and the Provincial Governor, Aracelis Villanueva thanked the necessary efforts to improve the health of the citizens and the provision of health services, for the prevention of diseases.

The walk began at 8:30 in the morning, from the sports complex and went through various sectors.

Previous study

“San Pedro Health Route” is an activity motivated by the results obtained in a day of detection of arterial hypertension (HTN), diabetes and obesity, which yielded data that place this province with high rates of obesity and hypertension, for which seeks to encourage residents to lead a healthier life, through proactive actions.

The activity was coordinated by Dr. Gina Estrella and had the participation of other institutions such as: SeNaSa, SNS, Cabinet of Social Policies, under the support of the Provincial Health Directorate of this demarcation.

The activity was also supported by: the Regional Directorate of Agriculture, Inespre, the Ministry of Sports and Recreation. Civil Defense and the Dominican Red Cross, National Police, FAO, PAHO, Ministries of Agriculture and Women, Banco de Reservas.

Other participating entities are CONANI, Ministry of Youth, Supérate Program, Provincial Government, Mayor’s Office, World Food Program and the rector of the Universidad Central del Este, Dr. José Hazim Frappier.

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