For Arbeleche "the government continues to support the most vulnerable with responsible, focused and sustainable policies"

For Arbeleche “the government continues to support the most vulnerable with responsible, focused and sustainable policies”

Accompanied by the undersecretary Alejandro Irastorza, the director of Economic Policy Marcela Bensión, the director of Public Finance Fernando Blanco and the general director of the Secretariat Mauricio di Lorenzo, among other hierarchs, the Minister of Economy and Finance Azucena Arbeleche appeared from Thursday morning in the House of Representatives, in a call to the room to answer about the economic policy promoted by the government and the social and social situation that the country is going through.

At the end of the session, in the early hours of Friday 20, Minister Arbeleche expressed in her speech that “as always, we value the opportunity to share the general strategy of economic policy and the responses given to price increases. We are responding to the vote of the citizens, which in 2019 was expressed by a change embodied in the Commitment to the country, signed by the National Party, Colorado, the Open Council, the Independent Party and the People’s Party.”

“The strategy that this government has carried out since March 2020 was shared in the clearest way possible. You may disagree with the economic team, and with this minister in particular, and it is totally legitimate. The exchanges enrich and many times allow us to reach better solutions, but it is not acceptable that in this room they present them with disrespect and speak of lack of morals or lying, ”she pointed out.

“Without the policies implemented in these two years of government, we could not explain the economic improvements that we are witnessing today. The country went through the health emergency in freedom, and keeping the engines of the economy running, because other options were being requested from other places,” continued Arbeleche.

“The attention to people and smaller companies during the pandemic was broad and forceful, including tax exemptions, credits in very convenient conditions, innovations in unemployment insurance, among other measures,” he remarked.

Then the Secretary of State stressed that “there was a change from the previous economic model. This government fulfilled its commitment not to raise taxes, despite the fragile starting point and the increase in public spending that the pandemic brought about. I would also like to highlight that, despite the health pandemic that began as soon as this Administration was installed, we were able to keep the high beams on. In case you didn’t understand, I was referring to structural reforms, to the medium-term agenda”.

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