New CICPC headquarters inaugurated in Carabobo

New CICPC headquarters inaugurated in Carabobo

The national government inaugurated this Friday the new headquarters of the Criminal and Criminal Scientific Investigations Corps (Cicpc) in the Libertador municipality of Carabobo state.

Douglas Rico, general director of the detective body, reported that the action is part of the Municipal Growth Plan of the Cicpc at the national level with the purpose of serving the greatest number of victims of major crimes from their locality.

“Not serving people is generating impunity. People sometimes do not file complaints because the CICPC headquarters is far away and they prefer to suffer the damage and remain silent, which makes crime grow and criminal organizations grow,” he said.

The new headquarters of the Cicpc is a modern infrastructure that has more than 150 officials. It is equipped with state-of-the-art criminalistics equipment.

Likewise, the building has a criminalistics laboratory, homicide brigade, special victims, dungeons, canine unit, area for expert actions, complaints, among others.

“The headquarters began its construction in 2019 and after an arduous effort between the national and regional governments, it was completed,” said Rico.

The official stated that this new headquarters will serve around 116,000 people who live in this municipality.

“This is a headquarters built among the most modern to cover all the spaces that require scientific research in its advances and in its responses to the people. It is an optimal venue in terms of infrastructure and personnel to provide better care to our people”, he pointed out.

For his part, the governor of Carabobo, Rafael Lacava, stressed that in Carabobo the Homeland Security Plan is being complied with, since for his government it has been a priority to advance in the application of effective policies in this area.

According to data offered by the general director of the Cicpc, Carabobo was positioned among one of the municipalities with the highest crime rate in the country. However, in the last four years the decrease in crime has been remarkable.

“I must say that here there is a deep and fundamental change in how we have dealt with our state security forces, always respecting the laws and their officials, which gave us the possibility of substantially reducing crime and unwanted episodes in the condition. Carabobo is a peaceful place, where the explosion of entrepreneurship has been generated because people feel safe and cared for”, Lacava pointed out.

In this sense, the regional president reported that more than 46 patrol cars, Mitsubishi brand, will soon arrive in Carabobo, which will come to reinforce the regional police fleet.

“There are already a large number of patrols that were announced for our regional police, which will help us to have a greater presence in each part of Carabobo. We are a humanistic government”, he sentenced.

Meanwhile, Jesús París, Secretary General of the Government and Deputy Secretary of Citizen Security in Carabobo, explained that the delegation will be led by Commissioner Ramón Duque, in his opinion, a man with vast experience in this matter.

zero kidnappings

Douglas Rico, general director of the CICPC, reported that after the release of the young Franyeli Guerrero, 24, in Barinas, the Venezuelan government is on track to celebrate the goal of “zero kidnapping” in the country.

“In Venezuela we have only one person in captivity, also in the state of Barinas. We will establish the goal of Zero Kidnapping in Venezuela. All this is thanks to the joint work of all the State security forces, who work for the security of the people, ”he stressed.

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