Firefighters serve in raised barracks with sticks and raschel mesh in Tacna

Firefighters serve in raised barracks with sticks and raschel mesh in Tacna

Firefighters from Company 226 of the Ilabaya district, in Tacna, celebrated their seventh anniversary amid shortages, after their headquarters was affected by a landslide on February 8, 2019. The company’s chief, Juan de Dios Cornejo Rosado indicated that the ambulance needs to be well equipped so that it has the complete attack briefcase to help the wounded in the jurisdiction.

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The District Municipality of Ilabaya, two months after starting, has not yet completed the construction of the floor where the Southern Peru mining company will assemble the portable structure of the barracks in the Alto Mirave area, where the residents have resettled after the disaster.

precarious barracks

They currently occupy two prefabricated modules as well as a raschel mesh awning for the bedrooms and the machine room. He indicated that there is a multipurpose truck that still cannot be used since the Fire Department and the municipality of Ilabaya have not been able to agree on the delivery and adaptation of the necessary facilities.

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“The vehicle is still not being used in the old barracks next to the citizen security booth “since it is much safer there”, referred.

He added that they also require a light rescue vehicle in order to reach almost inaccessible places. “Emergencies such as road accidents are constant, we recently had a motorcyclist collide with a vehicle, we also have transfers of seriously ill patients to the health center and the hospital,” said the fire chief.

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