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They charge a driver for beating a PMT who had fined him

The Ciudad del Este Prosecutor’s Office filed an accusation against a motorist who would have assaulted a municipal traffic officer for having fined him.

A motorist who allegedly dealt several blows to an agent of the Municipal Traffic Police, in retaliation for applying a parking fine, was charged by the Public Ministry. The investigation of the fact is in charge of the prosecutor Alberto Torres.

The defendant is identified as Junior Ramón Brítez Ramírez (27), domiciled in the Santa Mónica neighborhood of kilometer 13.5 Acaray de Minga Guazú, who faces the punishable act of resistance. The same was made available to the Criminal Court of Guarantees.

According to data, the attack occurred on June 25, at approximately 3:20 p.m., on Route PY02, almost Pioneros del Este avenue in the downtown area of ​​the capital of Alto Paraná, with Miguel Velázquez Ramírez as the victim.

On that occasion, the transit agent of the Municipality of Ciudad del Este issued a ticket to Brítez Ramírez because he supposedly parked his car in a prohibited place. However, the accused was upset by the situation and would have reacted violently against the intervener, applying several blows to him.

The official suffered injuries in different parts, according to the forensic doctor’s diagnosis, for which the prosecutor Alberto Torres decided to charge the alleged aggressor. Likewise, the representative of the Public Ministry requested 4 months to investigate the case and present a request in this regard.

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