Ferrocarril Central completed 85% of the works and MTOP projects new connections

Ferrocarril Central completed 85% of the works and MTOP projects new connections

The head of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP), José Luis Falero, analyzed that, once the construction of the Central Railway is completed, in mid-2023, the railway cargo could benefit from the promotion of other branches, such as those of Río Branco and Minas-Montevideo. Other connection possibilities are Salto with the country’s capital and Fray Bentos-Algorta, he said.

Falero participated in the opening of the seminar El Ferrocarril as Support to the Intermodal Logistics Chain, which took place on Wednesday the 23rd at the Antel Communications Tower complex in Montevideo.

On the occasion, the minister anticipated that the progress of the work of the Central Railway that will connect Paso de los Toros and the port of Montevideo is of the order of 85%, and it is projected that it will end in mid-2023.

In the forum, organized by the Uruguayan Chamber of Logistics and the Todologística group, the chief reported that the portfolio plans, together with the consortium that carries out the work, the final stretch of the execution, with regard to security and signage adapted to the new technology implemented.

The Secretary of State recognized that rail transport has a very interesting short and medium term projection and will complement the country’s needs in terms of multimodality. He also recalled that the Government also promotes the development of river transport, with dredging in the port of Montevideo for large ships, and that of the road network to improve connectivity in the country.

“The interrelation between the different modes of transportation will contribute to a reduction in operating costs and to improve the competitiveness of production,” Falero asserted.

He also stated that the Central Railroad is the first impulse for other networks of this type that will be reactivated and incorporated in the future. In this sense, he cited the new connections that will be made in the cities of Río Branco and Minas with destination Montevideo. He also mentioned that the Salto-Montevideo line could advance during the remainder of the current administration and that there are private operators interested in a Fray Bentos-Algorta connection, on the west coast of the country.

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