Minister Félix Chero: "There is always a tendency to distort or misrepresent the president's expressions"

Félix Chero on the motion of censure against Willy Huerta: “I trust that the congressmen will act responsibly”

The Minister of Justice and Human Rights, ruled on the motion of censure against the head of the Ministry of the Interior, which will be debated this Friday, September 23 in the plenary session of Congress.

The member of the ministerial cabinet said that he hopes that the parliamentarians act responsibly and reflect before voting for or against this initiative rather than seeking to remove Huerta Olivos from office.

I trust that the congressmen will act responsibly and will reflect. Minister Huerta has been doing a great job, he has been interoperating with the Ministry of Defense and they are carrying out daily operational plans with the presence and support of the Armed Forces”, he declared for the press.

In this sense, Chero Medina stressed that the censorship of a minister generates an expense in management. In addition, he asserted that making this decision by “any cause” destabilizes the government.

We have to face citizen insecurity and censoring and questioning the minister also generates a management cost because it implies renewing all the address tables, the trust tables” he referred.

It can’t be done be censoring ministers for any reason because that destabilizes the Executive and also destabilizes governability”, he added.

Likewise, the head of the Ministry of Justice spoke about the statements made by the father of Antauro Humala, Issac Humalawho claimed to have met with the president peter castle one day before the release of the etonocacerist.

I do not know that such a meeting has existed, I have not been informed by the president or by any other source (…) they have every right to suspect, but I do not know, I will find out if this meeting actually took place or not. I am going to consult him (President Pedro Castillo) if he met and under what terms he met“, held.

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