Curiosities that invite you to an adventurous revival

Thirteen years after becoming the highest grossing film of all time, Avatar returns to theaters to the delight of all generations who will be able to enjoy it again in 3D format.

Avatar is an epic adventure by James Cameron, which returns to the big screen at the end of this 2022. This American military science fiction feature film, original from 2009, was crowned as the highest grossing production of all time, in addition to be a revolution in special effects in this century.

For this reason, the world is looking forward to its second part where love and emotions remain, in addition to other threats that arise. The innovative film that marked a before and after in the cinematographic experience, with curiosities that invite you to see it again.

To create the native language of the Na’vi community, Cameron brought in noted linguist Paul Frommer, who designed a complete system. Early in the process, the filmmaker conveyed to Frommer the kinds of sounds he envisioned for the Na’vi. From there, Frommer designed a linguistic palette. Then, they worked on the structural properties of the language, the rules of pronunciation and how words are built. The result? A language with more than a thousand words, and a specific structure and grammar that the actors learned with talent and speed. The cast also worked closely with dialect coach Carla Meyer to fine-tune the accent of the made-up language.

The talent behind the Avatar soundtrack is composer James Horner, the storied collaborator who created two of the most iconic soundtracks in film history: Alien and Titanic, both directed by Cameron.

In pre-production on the film, Cameron took the team to Hawaii, a destination geographically similar to the environment he had envisioned for Pandora, to train them on how to interact with space. “We had to live without sophisticated technology, without too many items or comforts. I was practically naked for three days, digging and climbing, and muddy from head to toe. I was missing essential items, I used to say ‘I can’t handle this’, and Jim would say ‘come on, Neytiri, hold on!’” recalls actress Zoe Saldaña, who plays Neytiri in the film.

Strong female characters are present in much of Cameron’s films, and Avatar is no exception. Like Ellen Ripley in Alien, Sarah Connor in Terminator and Terminator 2, and Rose in Titanic, Neytiri blends strength, grace, athletic poise, vulnerability, and emotional clarity. The director maintains that Saldaña was able to capture every aspect of the character he envisioned, especially her combination of finesse and intensity, as well as incredible physical prowess.

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