Exports of Peruvian chullos totaled US$ 143,962 until May, according to ADEX

Exports of Peruvian chullos totaled US$ 143,962 until May, according to ADEX

The export of to the world added US$ 143,962 in the first five months of the year, reflecting an increase of 13.9% in relation to the same period last year when the figure amounted to US$ 126,396, reported the (ADEX).

The union highlighted the good performance of these products for their beautiful colors and designs, the quality of their supplies and because they provide shelter even on the coldest days, which generates high demand in international markets.

The ranking of destinations was led by the United States with US$ 120,178, which meant a growth of 16.2% compared to January-May 2021 (US$ 104,444). With that amount, it concentrated 83% of the total dispatches.

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It was followed by Canada with US$7,340, the United Kingdom with US$4,415, Italy with US$2,774), Australia with US$2,260, among others from a total of 16 destinations. This typical garment also reached countries like China, France and Chile. For less than US$1,000 they were sent to Spain, Hungary, Japan, Brazil, Ecuador, Norway, El Salvador and Slovakia.

The statistics of the ADEX Data Trade Commercial Intelligence system show that Peru exported chullos woven with alpaca fiber, baby alpaca, sheep wool and acrylic yarn, among others.

The main companies that marketed this garment abroad are Altiplano Knits SAC, Aymara Art Association, Baby Alpaca Cía. SAC, Exportadora y Negocios Bell SAC, Peruvian Sun SAC, Cllamalpaca SAC, Artes Creaciones Perú SAC, Classic Alpaca SAC, María Fashion EIRL, Export Soñado EIRL, among others.

It should be noted that the chullos were produced in Arequipa, Puno, Lima, Cusco, Tacna, Junín, Áncash and Callao.


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