Danilo Medina led the swearing-in ceremony of new young people to the PLD in San Pedro de Macorís.

Danilo: Families fall into despair and the Government does not hear their cries

“There are many families that are falling into despair, and we cannot allow that! If the government does not listen to their demands or their cries, Dominican men and women should know that the PLD does hear them. That the PLD is here to defend the people! That we are going to make the voice of the people be heard louder than ever!” Proclaimed former president Danilo Medina.

Danilo was concerned because the current economic outlook and poor government management keep Dominican families in a difficult situation. In his analysis, he listed some of the support programs that they previously had, such as support for agriculture and food sovereignty, school feeding, childcare, medicines at affordable prices in the People’s Pharmacies and free care in the Health Centers. Comprehensive Care for Disability (CAID).

“The PLD for years he devoted himself to governing with everyone and for everyone. To reduce poverty, inequality and the difficulties experienced by the population”, recalled Danilo. Unfortunately these initiatives are being abandoned by the new government.

“We have to bring hope to all Dominican families, we have to fight for the future of our country. And we will start today, working hand in hand with the people, to guarantee the victory of the PLD in 2024!!”, Medina expressed to encourage the public that packed the San Pedro de Macorís Sports Center where the president of the Party of the Dominican Liberation led a new massive act of swearing in young people, within the framework of the Adding Stars program.

Danilo: Families fall into despair and the Government does not hear their cries 7

The PLD has already sworn in more than 355,000 new militants and is firmly advancing in the renewal of its cadres and internal democratization. As explained by Luis Miguel Pichirilo, party leader in the province, “We are facing a new PLD and we should be proud that it is so. It is incredible what has been achieved in two years, the same ones led by Danilo Medina, returning to the party its participatory essence, activating all the internal structures and launching a true renewal of its organizations, as had not been seen in more two decades.”

Pconsultation process

The PLD is preparing a consultation process for next October 16 in which the next candidate for the Presidency of the Republic will be elected. The consultation is open to all citizens, except militants affiliated with other political forces. The applicants, in alphabetical order, are: Margarita Cedeño, Francisco Domínguez Brito, Maritza Fernández, Luis de León, Abel Martínez and Karen Ricardo. The party will unconditionally support the winner.

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“You can be sure, the consultation on October 16 will mark a before and after in the country’s political landscape. We will come out of this process stronger than ever and prepared to win the next electoral battle”, guaranteed Danilo Medina.

Every week the PLD is joining its ranks with thousands of new militants, mostly young people. Yoneiri Osoria, who will cast her first vote in the upcoming elections, said at the event that she learned two things from her mother: to believe in God and to serve the country from the ranks of the PLD, which she described as a “helper” party.

danilo medina spm
Danilo: Families fall into despair and the Government does not hear their cries 8

“President, I remember that a few years ago you told young people: if you don’t like the way things are, participate, get involved, be the clean water that renews politics in this country. Today I would like to tell you: The PLD is filling up with clean water. Here we are, heeding your call, saying “present”, adding stars. Because our country needs us more than ever, to get rid of the chaos and improvisation of the National Palace!”, affirmed the young woman, addressing President Medina.

For his part, Blaise Torres, a young professional from San Pedro de Macorís, assured that PLD youth from all over the country are working for a more inclusive country.

“When the present disappoints the people and fails, the people have no alternative but to look to the past and look back to see who can bring the nation forward. In the midst of this mega-crisis, citizens know that the PLD did very well and that in 2024 it will do much better! They don’t want them to look back, because the people look at the past when there is no success in the present”.

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