Environment will launch new edition of the Guardians of the Biome program

Environment will launch new edition of the Guardians of the Biome program

The Minister of the Environment, Joaquim Leite, said today (14) that the federal government will present a new version of the program Biome Guardians to combat illegal predatory activities in the Amazon region.Environment will launch new edition of the Guardians of the Biome program

According to the minister, 10 permanent bases will be set up to inspect and repress illegal mining, burning, drug trafficking and deforestation. The minister did not say when the initiative will be inaugurated.

“We are on the right path: considering environmental crime an obligation for the State to act. And has acted. The PF has acted in an integrated manner to combat deforestation”, informed the minister, who added that the initiative will be inter-ministerial, with the participation of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the Federal Police and the Brazilian Army.

In an interview with the program No CensorshipLeite also spoke about Amazon conservation initiatives, budget for the Environment and deforestation.

Adopted in all the signatory countries of the United Nations and which are committed to reducing and controlling pollution emissions, the carbon credits market promises to be strategic for the development of Brazil, revealed Joaquim Leite.

He explained that developed countries have difficulties in adopting the necessary technological changes to rid the world of emissions, unlike Brazil, which has found it easy to adapt the productive sector to the new practice. “This is a challenge. A global challenge. How do we bring that into everyday life? That’s where the carbon market comes in. Some have to compensate, have to buy.”

According to the Minister of the Environment, the Brazilian carbon market will finance business growth and the expansion of infrastructure in Brazil. “The carbon market offers the opportunity to make projects that were not economically viable and now will be. Several sectors will be able to offer credits. For sure [o Brasil] will have a very relevant share in this global market.”, he added.

Joaquim Leite informed that the Ministry of the Environment will have a reinforcement of more than 700 new employees who will act in the inspection, in addition to the police teams and public security forces that already operate throughout the national territory.

For the minister, there is also an important participation of agribusiness in environmental protection. Leite pointed out that rural producers are responsible for around 250 million hectares. “The owner does take care of native forest. Bringing the narrative that agriculture is the problem is disinformation.”

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